Video Surveillance

Video surveillance has been a popular security tool for years. Thanks to new breakthroughs in technology, security cameras are more effective than ever. We can design and install a home or office system that will not only give you a 30-day playback but can be viewed from any computer or smart phone.








Access Control

We offer state-of-the-art access control systems that integrate the most advanced security technologies with innovative networking compatibilities to bring you full- featured security solutions that will serve any size facility or community.

We offer complete systems to control the access to any door, gate, pool or building and provide an instant lockout or audit trial giving you complete control of who is coming and going.

Other services we offer include:

  • Magnetic door/gate locks
  • Emergency egress systems
  • Time delay egress systems
  • Access control through key fob or card
  • Proximity readers
  • Electric strikes and releases
  • Pool gate systems
  • Remote/offsite door control
  • Keypad locks
  • Infrared exit sensors
  • Video surveillance systems with time stamping

Lock Out Service

We provide a premium 1 hour response guarantee for emergency services.  Our service technicians will come to your home of office for lockout, lost key, or broken lock service.

Our service trucks stock most common locks and keys for timely repairs.  Our shop is centrally located and completely stocked. We also provide next day delivery on most  goods.

Call for further information and emergency service.

Current Locksmith Scams

Locked out? Don’t fall for these locksmith scams. Our industry is plagued by a large number of phony locksmith firms that have been taking advantage of customers for years.  These “scammers” are not licensed by the State of Florida and typically operate out of personal unmarked vehicles. They are dispatched by companies with nothing more that a large Yellow Page ad or internet presence, and a bank of phones.

Here are some scams currently plaguing our area:

  1. Low service call usually between $15 and $35. When they arrive, they tell you “You have a special car or lock and it will be more”. Most consumers, feeling that they are now stuck, will often “OK” the higher cost not realizing what that cost is. If the customer balks, they are trained to pressure you to pay.
  2. Falsely stating the strength and security of locksets. Many customers have been charged hundreds of dollars to drill open an easy-to-pick lock. After it is destroyed, you have no choice but to buy a new lock for which they charge you 4 to 5 times its suggested list price. They give you a choice of areplacement and tell you it is a high security lock. MEDTECK is most common name given and MEDTEK does not exist. They tell you this lock cannot be drilled or picked when actually it is a cheap lock that is usually interior to your old one.
  3. Stating a lockset cannot be rekeyed and selling you replacements that are cheap, lack a brand name, then charging hundreds for them. 99% of household locks can be rekeyed; only on rare occasions have to be replaced.
  4. Claiming to be a local shop with a local business address. Currently in Jupiter there are only two locksmith shops with storefronts and certified locksmiths. The Yellow Pages show at least 15 and Google shows 8! These companies represent themselves as being local, and give you a false guarantee that when the lock breaks, they will be around to fix it.


High Security Lock Systems

We are certified authorized dealers for several High Security and Restricted key systems.

These systems are designed to resist picking, drilling, Key Bumping and are designed so that duplicate keys can only be made with the authority of the owner of the lock.  Even other locksmiths are not permitted to duplicate our keys.




Medeco High Security Locks Assa Abloy Multi-T-Lock

Key Systems

Master keys give the ability for one key to operate multiple locks with each lock having a separate user key.  This gives complete access control for Managers and Users. We can create Master Key Systems to accommodate and size or need from one door to hundreds.  Combine this with Medeco High Security Locks, or electronic card access for the ultimate in security with audit trails.

Keys Cut By Code

Our extensive database of manufacturer key codes allows us to cut most keys with a valid key code.  It is important that you record key numbers and store them in a safe place.  You never know when you will need them.  We record and maintain the key codes on all high security lock systems we install.

Commercial Door Lock Security

Its easy. Its quick and it can cost you. Most retailers don’t realize the ease with which door locks can be twisted out and access gained to your facility.  We offer a complete line of hardened steel lock faces that virtually eliminate the risk involved.  Let us quote this for you.

Mobile Service

Our fleet of trained locksmiths is ready to assist you 24 hours a day every day.